Greater Yellowstone knowledge map
Lee De Cola
U.S. Geological Survey

The idea of a knowledge map relates to fundamental operations of geographical inquiry (De Cola 1994): Where is it? and What is there? Two similar fundamental knowledge questions are Who knows about it? and What do they know? This report uses several simple Web tools to help us answer questions like these about USGS research done in the greater Yellowstone region during the past 120 years. Although the report is based on a very small sample of bibliographic records, this "metaresearch" allows us to explore the four major dimensions of knowledge:

  1. WHERE?
  2. WHEN?
  3. WHAT?
  4. WHO?

This research uses a sample of records from the GeoRef bibliographic database to produce a relational system that creates links among USGS research reports. One product of this "metaresearch" is a knowledge map of the Greater Yellowstone Area that shows what topics have been invesitgated in a chosen region. Future research will examine such problems as:

Geography has renewed its vitality by providing science with new ideas and tools for navigating and modeling physical space. The next great challenge may be to provide new maps of a universe of knowledge of which physical space is but one dimension.