DATA to Insight                 SEVEN WORLD SERIES

The Great Acceleration: Earth since 1901
All organisms sense changes in their environment, and many humans acknowledge accelerated changes in key ecological indicators. This project explores 7 global time series since the beginning of the 20th Century. Use it to understand global change and for an introduction to temporal analysis, models, trends, and forecasting.

1 SOLAR wpm2 solar irradiance watts per square meter U. Colo. Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment
2 POP billion population billion humans UN Population Division
3 EMISSIONS GtCO2py CO2 emissions gigatons CO2 per year Global Climate Budget
4 CO2 ppm atmospheric CO2 parts per million NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
5 TEMP celsius surface temperature anomaly degrees Celsius NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
6 PRECIP mmpy precipitation rate (land) millimeters per year U. East Anglia Climatic Research Unit
7 SEA mm mean sea level anomaly millimeters Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The data:

2023 'The Great Acceleration' course at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute, George Mason University (29 minutes)

2022 Excel Workshop video (14 minutes)

2020 DC satRdays demo (19 minutes)

Excel workshop handout

R script to visualize the data: (subject to change!)