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The Great Acceleration: Earth since 1901
All organisms sense changes in their environment, and many humans acknowledge accelerated changes in key ecological indicators. This project explores 7 global time series since the beginning of the 20th Century. Use it to understand global change and for an introduction to temporal analysis, models, trends, and forecasting.

SOLAR wpm2 solar irradiance watts per square meter U. Colo. Solar Radiation and Climate Experiment
TEMP celsius surface temperature anomaly degrees Celsius NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies
PRECIP mmpy precipitation rate (land) millimeters per year U. East Anglia Climatic Research Unit
POP billion population billion humans UN Population Division
EMISSIONS GtCO2py CO2 emissions gigatons CO2 per year Global Climate Budget
CO2 ppm atmospheric CO2 parts per million NOAA Global Monitoring Laboratory
SEA mm mean sea level anomaly millimeters Cal Tech Jet Propulsion Laboratory

The data:

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'The Great Acceleration' course at Osher Lifelong Learning Institute George Mason University

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2020 DC satRdays demo (19 minutes)