Bivand, Pebesma, and Gómez-Rubio 2008 Applied spatial data analysis with R NY: Springer.

This is a very technical book about a very technical subject. The book has a 'deep' hierarchy of parts > chapters > sections > subsections, as well as many (though not always easy to understand) graphics. But on first reading it will be difficult to keep track of the 3 dimensions: topics, chapters, datasets. It has helped me to navigate the content by considering each (sub)section's location in a 3-dimensional space defined by:

Geographic information science topics point pattern analysis what technique is being explored?
sp system and its components grids how does sp implement this idea?
key datasets used for examples meuse what data are used to illustrate the technique or idea?

These notes, references, and associated code are to help you gain a familiarity with the system. Please suggest additions and point out errors.


R scripts and spreadsheets

In the course directory you'll find scripts I've written or modified to simplify and clarify presentations made in the book. You may need to open these R files in WordPad or any word processing application more advanced than Notepad.

NOTE: Check to be sure you're running a recent version of a script - and ask me to update one if it's old.

bivand_2008.xlxs A spreadsheet that attempts to organize the Bivand material
spatial_objects.xlsx Spatial objects spreadsheet
datasets.xlsx A list of the Bivand et al datafiles
bivand.html The libraries needed for most of the sp() examples