Temporal Information Systems

Professional Seminar in Geospatial Technologies
UMBC GES 679-2
Department of Geography & Environmental Systems
The Universities at Shady Grove, Rockville MD


Meets roughly fortnightly, 2012 Aug 30 to Nov. 29, 6:15 - 8:15 PM
Location: Shady Grove Kendall 3215 and online

Announcements and Discussion - see Blackboard

 Aug 30 Measurement of time Time in Excel Wikipedia
*Sep 13 Events and samples UK data Book #1 1. Datagraphic evaluation
*Sep 27 Time series Growth models Book #2  
*Oct 25 Forecasting World Bank data Book #3 2. Time series analysis
*Nov 8 Space and time Loggerhead migration    
 Nov 29 Presentations     3. submit by Nov 27
present on Nov 29
*Online meetings.

Lee De Cola

DATA to Insight, Reston VA
Phone: 01 703 709-6972
hours: 10:00-18:00 Eastern Time (GMT-5)

OBJECTIVES -  By the end of the seminar series you should be able to:

Understand how time is measured and represented
Design simple temporal visualizations
Perform simple analyses of time-series data
Perform simple forecasting estimation
Relate time and space in simple animations
Present original research


Interactive presentations
In-class lab exercises - Please bring paper, pens, and pencils (with erasers) to class
Three assignments, including a final project presented in the last class


Spreadsheet (e.g. Excel)
R language (recommended)

PREREQUISITE: A course in statistics


We'll try to use public domain assets (e.g. Wikipedia articles). *Books on reserve marked with asterisk; others I find useful listed at the end:

*Cleveland, W. S. (1994) The elements of graphing data Murray Hill, NJ: AT&T Bell Laboratories Sec 3.8.

*Few, Stephen (2009) Now you see it: simple visualization techniques for quantitative analysis Oakland CA, Analytics Press.

*Makridakis, S. G., S. C. Wheelwright, et al. (1997). Forecasting: Methods and Applications, John Wiley & Sons.

*Tufte, E. R. (1983) The visual display of quantitative information Cheshire CT: Graphics Press. A number of time examples throughout.

*Wainer, H. (2005) Graphic discovery: a trout in the milk and other visual adventures Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press.

*Wilkinson, L. and G. Wills (2005) The grammar of graphics New York: Springer. ch. 14.

Adler, J. (2010) R in a nutshell Sebastopol, CA, O'Reilly Ch. 23. Useful for those wanting to learn R.

Diggle, P. (1990). Time series: a biostatistical introduction. Oxford, England and New York, Clarendon Press; Oxford University Press.

Moore, D. S. and G. P. McCabe (2006) Introduction to the practice of statistics New York: W. H Freeman. Sec 1.1 (p. 19) has a brief section on 'time plots.'

Tufte, E. R. (1997) Visual explanations: images and quantities, evidence and narrative Cheshire CT: Graphics Press Ch. 2 has a thorough discussion of the Snow cholera story.

Tufte, E. R. (2006) Beautiful Evidence Cheshire CT: Graphics Press. "Sparklines" chapter is about time.

Wong, D. M. (2009) The Wall Street journal guide to information graphics New York: W.W. Norton & Co.