George Mason University
Department of Geography

Lee De Cola


Health-related events are the result of interactions among agents of various species within their environment. Clinicians are concerned with managing the course of individual events; epidemiologists with understanding past and future trends within communities. The course explores how geographers study these patterns at multiple space/time/hierarchy scales by:
    • developing the geographic theory of these processes,
    • reviewing empirical studies from the literature of medical geography,
    • using the tools of GIScience for space/time analysis of points, regions, and fields.

Announcements - check here for important information

  1. 2008-04-22 An MSWord or PDF file of your final project is to be be emailed to me by noon May 5. You may present the project from this file, or if you wish to use PowerPoint, submit that as well by this time.
  2. 2008-04-18 An MSWord template you can use for your final report is linked to below.
    I stress the value of using the proposed outline to organize your research. The proposal focuses on sections 1, 2, 3, and 6. the final report fills out sections 4 and 5.

Schedule - subject to change

Labs - instructions and data (downloads or links) for the class lab exercises

Assignments Submit by
Analyzing incidenceFeb 22 at 11:59PM
Analyzing reportsMar 21 at 11:59PM
Proposal for your final projectApr 11 at 11:30PM
Final project presented in classMay 5 at 11:59AM

Ideas for final project

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