DATA to Insight

Times (and heights) of high tides

As a estuarine kayaker I need to be aware of when high tides occur so that I won't be caught up some creek on a mudflat when the tide runs out. Tide tables usually provide text listings of when high and low tides occur, so a paddler has to search among the dates for a good time to go out. Here is a datagraphic that shows for each date the times of the diurnal high tides. E.g., if i wanted to kayak around Alexandria Virginia in the afternoon, the first week in September 2014 would be ideal. The distances between the lines are proportional to the hights of the high tides, which in this case doesn't vary much.

Default graphic

The datagraphic from WWW Tide/Current Predictor shows height vs time; useful if you want to know the level of a tide at a given time, but paddleboaters also want to know when the high and low tides will occur. My plot shows this well.