Audiology report for a patient

I am having increasing difficulty hearing, especially the human voice in noisy environments, so I had my hearing checked at Northern Virginia Kaiser-Permanente. Here's my reworking of the audiologic evaluation.

audiology revised


Original paper report

revised audiology report

The report is fairly easy to read but is improved by the above redesign:


The data were copied from the paper report into an R script, which generated a plot with the following features:

  1. Results for both ears shown as a R 'matrix plot' with 3 distinguishing designs: R/L markers, line types, and legend; although colors wouldn't be useful in a greyscale copy.
  2. Vertical (decibel) axis reversed.
  3. 'Acceptable' hearing level shown as a gray line under the data.
  4. Hertz axis shows easily read multiples of 250 with intermediate values indicated by vertical lines.
  5. L plotted over R as it is a simpler letter, R plotted in Red.
  6. The date is shown in an internationally recognizable format.
  7. Suggestions: show a 'benchmark' for the population at risk (males, 66 year old, etc?).